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At LiteScaping in Western PA and Pittsburgh, our landscape lighting company believes the purpose of our lighting designs is to enhance the beauty of an already elegant home during those hours it is enjoyed the most – after dark. Our outdoor lighting services not only emphasizes the beauty of your house, it also gives your home its own, unique personality. It is no longer just a structure in the dark with our company in Western PA. It is a place meant for entertaining; for relaxing; for family; for friends. It is no longer just a house. It’s a home with an amazing outdoor space that is sure to be admired and enjoyed every night.

Landscape Lighting for Steps and Stairs

Landscape Lighting Provides Safety & Security

Landscape Lighting for Steps and Stairs

You’ve just come home from a long day at the office and pull into your dimly lit driveway and walk toward the front door with the one house light next to it. You’re tired. You’re hungry. You’ve worked hard for the house you have, and even harder for the family inside. You want to keep them safe; protected. Protected from intruders, from things unseen. Outdoor landscape lighting does that for you: it takes the guesswork out of your safety. There is no more wondering what you are missing in those dark spaces. With outdoor lighting, you have the empowered feeling that comes with knowing you’re safe.

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Lighting Improves Your Atmosphere & Ambience

Landscape lighting solutions can turn those dark outdoor exterior spaces around your yards, gardens, pathways, patios and decks into luxurious getaways. That outdoor kitchen turns into a 5-star restaurant. That pool transforms into a resort. That garden into a botanical escape. Whether you’re looking to have the party house or the peaceful oasis, the family hang out or the couple’s dream, LiteScaping landscape lighting solutions has you covered. Request a free estimate to begin the transformation today.

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Landscape Lighting for Steps and Stairs

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“I contacted LiteScaping to install lighting for a commercial project through my real estate business. I was so pleased with the final result and excellent customer service that I hired him to design a system for my home. Both projects turned out great! Thanks Darin!”– Greg Baldwin / Baldwin Brothers, Inc.

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